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Photo Gallery

Photos tell the miniatures story best. You can see the work of our club members and appreciate both the creativeness and skill that go into the creation of these projects.

Our gallery is divided into four sections. Click on the image corresponding to the description to go to that gallery.

First is the Frank Lloyd Wright Library Roombox. a major showcase piece that was a club project and was donated to the Allentown Art Museum.

Another showcase piece is a centerpiece that was created by club members for the NAME national convention in Pittsburgh in July 2005. The theme is based on a book, Snow over Bethlehem. The book was chosen because it is a historical story set in the local community of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

We have a gallery devoted to the 2004-2005 club project, "The Secret Garden." Those members who undertook this project each interpreted the theme in her own way. The results are as unique as each member!

Finally, there is the "Projects" page, which highlights the individual interests and talents of our members and guest exhibitors from other miniature clubs. Included in this gallery is a vignette by an eleven-year-old girl who exhibited as a nonmember guest at our May 2005 show.

Enjoy the photos!